Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fishing Report for November/December Venice FL

       Fall fishing has been very good when you can get out.  This time of the year the winds are up and so are the seas.  The fronts come through every week and the winds follow.   The best bet is the day or two before the front.  When the winds start to switch to Southeast and South, the winds lay down some and you can get out.  When the winds are east, you can still get Mackerel and Little Tunny off the beaches.  Use spoons, jigs and anything that looks like a small baitfish.  Even flies work well.  Use a weighted popping cork or just weights to help cast the flies.  The big Kings are few and far between.  Small Kings can still be found around bait pods hanging on reefs and hard bottom.  Gag grouper are closed again but you are allowed four red groupers now.  Red grouper can be found around ledges and hard bottom in 60 feet or more.  Everyone is catching lots of 16 to 19 inch red grouper, so expect to release some before you find the keepers.
Inshore has seen the return of Pompano.  They are being caught near the passes and on the grass flats near those passes.  They come in with the tide, feed on the flats and then move back outside the pass.  The bite is better when the water is clearer.  They feed by sight and smell so use something colorful and tip it with shrimp.  Pompano jigs are the most popular method.  Let the jig bounce off the bottom.  Pompano tend to feed on the bottom and are attracted to the “puff “of sand when the jigs hit the bottom.

Spotted sea trout are closed until January 2012, but the catch and release action has been very good.  The trout tend to like the cooler waters and can be found feeding on the flats and in pot holes on the lower winter tides.  Shrimp or artificial shrimps like DOA’s and Gulp are my  baits of choice for the winter months.  I have found lots of Ladyfish in the same areas as the trout.  If you find the Ladyfish there will likely be some trout nearby.  If you have kids, the fast action of ladyfish can be great fun.
Snook can still be found around the canals and mouths of freshwater creeks.  If you can find some bait fish, the snook will be close by.  As the temperature drops they will be harder to find.  Look in areas with dark muddy bottoms that get lots of sun light.  These will be the warmest waters for the Snook to wait out the winter.  Lets hope for a warmer winter and no Snook kills this year.  
        Come take the day off and come Play Hookey with me.
        Captain Peter

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